The Ham Radio is Working Again…

Yes! It’s working again!!

I got my Dad’s old (ancient) ham radio to work again. Hooraaaaaah! I’ve been using it since last Saturday evening when I finally finished fixing it. I’ve been working on this radio for almost an entire year and last Saturday I just finally decided to get myself together and get on it properly.

In other news, things are going great at work. I’m realizing that I’m actually quite good at my job. I’ve also been doing some copy work on the site. Have a look at this website advertising its services for drain unblocking. The guy was very specific about what he wanted but was also very friendly and paid well, which is just what I needed last week.

All the copy you see on that website was written by me. I absolutely love writing and it can be done from anywhere. Funnily enough, I actually sat in the park most of the time when working on that site.

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