Hello ICQ? Come in ICQ…


“None of these images of radios are of ham radios” my fellow ham radio friends would say and well, they are correct. And err… I couldn’t really find any royalty free ones and really didn;t want to steal anyone else’s from Google. So I added some of these from a royalty free site to jazz it up a little on here. I have to say that I am LIKING this theme. There’s something super sexy about old radios – or of course that might just be me but I LOVE ones from the 80’s and 90’s. Beatboxes, normal, elderly radios, past their prime that I just really like the look of are the bomb / the sh*t / sooo choice (love that word too – past it’s best and worn out like an old sock but perfectly vintage now in my mind).

I’m going to take the time to photograph our old ham radio soon and with my uncle’s old monochrome camera too, just as soon as I find out where exactly we last placed it!! We’re in the process of moving so it may be a while yet… Hold on to your horses.

Man I can’t wait to move out of London. Cleaner air, here I come.

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