Use Your Ham Radio To Contact ETs?

So this morning I sat down with my freshly buttered toast and steaming Yorkshire brew and logged onto my Youtube account…On the home page as soon as you log in, you can see videos that Youtube suggest you might be interested in. As I had previously been watching videos on yes, you guessed right – ham radios, I saw a long list of new ham radio videos to watch. This particular video cropped up and caught my eye though. It’s worth watching in my personal opinion and I’ll tell you why; the streaming sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before and I have spent a LOT of time on ham radios. Is it aliens, ghosts / spirits, gremlins, just plain old distortion? … Totally weird, totally food for thought – and perfect for going with my toast 😉

I have no idea what frequency this guy tuned into but I might just email him via youtube to find out. Why not eh? A curious mind is a great thing (said no one, ever, lol).