About Nick

Carlsberg don’t make people, but if they did…   Hmm, I can’t get this blockquote to close…

Hi, my name is Nick (Nicholas really but everyone calls me Nick). I’ve always been completely entralled by radio communication, ever since I was a small child. My great uncle had an absolutely massive ham radio in the ironing room (a medium sized room used mainly for, you guessed it – ironing!). We had been using it for around 20 years when one day it stopped transmitting a signal and finally went to ham radio heaven.

Then at around 21, I started listening to speed garage at extremely loud volumes, took to smoking roll-ups and it was all downhill from there my freinds. I completely lost all interest in radio communication. My uncle couldn’t get it fixed and I had developed other interests, including those mentioned above. The internet is one magical thing, however! I found someone online and we finally and rather amazingly, managed to get it all fixed up for a fairly reasonable charge late in 2014. Since then, the interest has returned with a passion and I’m once again, enthralled by ham radio comms. Yes, today we have Skype, we have iPhones and handsfree headsets and so on but trust me; nothing beats sitting down with a cup of tea and listening to your fellow ham radio fanatical ‘friends’ on the other side of the world (or just down the road) talk about what they had for dinner last night and what time the dog went to sleep last night.

Just in case you were wondering, my day job is actually as a tree surgeon (or actually, trainee tree surgeon right now at Striking Trees in Wigan – started in Dec 2015). I just joined them but they’re a bit far so I’m moving to be a bit closer and hopefully once I’ve finished my training (soon now!) they’ll take me on 100%.

If you happen to stumble across this blogh and you’d like to get in touch, why don’t you email me here?